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“Thank you so much Scott for your gentle, positive and supportive care for our arrangements at such a sensitive time. Outstanding care and compassion.”

Ginny W. (Richmond, BC)

“Thanks for the really remarkable service.”

John P. (Victoria, BC)

“Scott was great to work with. Everything was as promised, timely, well organized. It was great to have one thing that was easy at this time. Appreciated being able to have everything brought to me at home. Would recommend Scott and his staff in a heartbeat.”

Vikki S. (Vancouver, BC)

“Scott was very personable and approachable. He explained everything clearly and patiently in details. I have recommended his to several friends as he provides a wonderful service during sad days.”

Karen H. (West Vancouver, BC)

“Scott McFarlane is a credit to his industry. I am recommending this pre-paid funeral service to everybody. He came personally to my mother’s care home where I was dealing with mom’s stuff. He was kind, professional and engaging. If the rest of you are like Scott, then God bless you all! Scott aside, the prepaid plan worked as smoothly as one could wish. The follow-up package with CPP death benefit forms and death certificates were much appreciated. Keep up the good work.”

Jim P. (Edgewood, BC)

“Helpful, courteous, considerate.”

Richard D. (Vancouver, BC)

“Exceptional service. Positive experience. A job well done. I would highly recommend Amherst.”

Maggie W. (Vancouver, BC)

“I rarely have ‘strong’ opinions one way or the other. But Scott was very good and I was pleased with everything.”

Pam M. (Roberts Creek, BC)

“Mr. McFarlane was very helpful in getting us through a difficult time. His suggestions as to facilities available and professional touches to the service were so helpful. We could not have been served better. “

Beatrice M. (Richmond, BC)

“Amherst is first class in all respects and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Bruce W. (Vancouver, BC)

“Mr. McFarlane of Amherst and his assistants provided an excellent service. They demonstrated a superb balance between compassion, efficiency and business. We thank them all for this.”

Ron B. (Armstrong, BC)

“Scott McFarlane is very professional. Covered all areas. And no problems what so ever.”

Murray M. (New Westminster, BC))


Testimonial Pages
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