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Memorial Service

A memorial service or celebration of life, typically held after the disposition of remains (either cremation or burial).


Basic Professional Services
  • 24/7 staff support – Immediate response and availability for arrangement requests.
  • Arrangement meeting with family at their home or in our office.
  • Consultation & coordination of service details with all parties.
  • 2 (two) funeral directors in attendance at the Service.
  • Administration and placement of obituaries (Families are responsible for actual costs of the obituaries placed)
  • Storage & delivery of cremated remains at Service (where applicable)
Service Memorialization
  • 1 (one) framed memorial photo.
  • 1 (one) floral arrangement (a value of $150.00)
  • 1 (one) premium memorial book (a value of $80.00)
  • 100 (one hundred) customized memorial cards (a value of $300.00). Option to upgrade to memorial programs/bulletins for additional $150.00.
  • Amherst's Lifetime Online Memorial Page (a value of $150.00)



Other considerations (not included above): chapel or hall rental, clergy's honorarium, catering, slideshow presentation.

We honour Memorial Society Memberships: we serve all members of any memorial society or funeral co-op, honouring prices currently in effect for those members. Amherst prices include more savings than you will ever find with our competitors.



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