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Direct Burial

This is a simple burial of the remains into cemetery ground without formal viewing nor graveside ceremony. Internment (burial) is completed at time and day that is convenient to Amherst and the cemetery engaged, without any family member present. Please refer to our graveside service or funeral service if you wish to include ceremony, service or witnessing the burial.

Basic Professional Services
  • 24/7 staff support - Immediate response and availability for arrangement requests.
  • We come to a convenient place and time of your choice (e.g. your home, office) and complete all required paperwork for you.
  • Removal of the deceased from place of passing and transfers to our sheltering facility and to crematorium.
  • Refrigeration and shelter.
  • Obtaining all required releases, permits, and death certificates (including registration with Vital Statistics).
  • Delivery of Death Certificates to your home.
Removal & Transfers
  Includes removal of the deceased from place of death and its transport to sheltering facility and to cemetery.  
Basic Cloth Casket
  Choice of our #20 Mazri or Tranquil cloth casket  
Consumer Protection BC (BPCPA) Administration Fee
1 (one) Original British Columbia Death Certificate (HST Exempt)
2 (two) Notarized Copies of original Death Certificate (a value of $50.00)
Included Services (a value of $480.00)
  • 2 (two) notarized copies of death certificate (a value of $50.00)
  • Canada Pension Plan & Estate Handling Kit
  • Obituary administration & online memorial page (a value of $150.00. Purchaser is responsible for the actual cost of obituary)
  • Afterhours removal from place of passing (evenings & weekends)* (a value of up to $150.00)
  • Removal from home, hospice or other non-hospital care facility*   (a value of up to $100.00)
* Please note: where these additional services may be applicable to and required for your loved one, our competitors charge extra fees in addition to their quoted package prices.
GST (5%)



We honour Memorial Society Memberships: we serve all members of any memorial society or funeral co-op, honouring prices currently in effect for those members. Amherst prices include more savings than you will ever find with our competitors.



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