Amherst Pre-Arrangement Care


Thank you for your interest in our prearrangement care. At Amherst, we understand that you have arrived here due to various reasons. Thus, we simplified our prearrangement procedures to ensure timely care for families: whether they are preparing for an imminent death, transitioning a loved one to a care facility, or simply making advanced preparation for one's peace of mind.

Prearrangement vs. Prepayment

The permutation of the funeral industry terms ('Preplanning', 'Preneed', 'Prearrangement', 'Advanced planning') along with their typical schemes to have you pay for them ('Prefunding', 'Prepaid', 'Advanced Installments') are the major source of confusion and frustration for those in need of direct and straightforward approach for getting such coverage.

We separate the two major components:

Each of the two components are separate and independent of each other. That means you can (pre)engange our services without having to first put down any payment to secure our future services. With amherst, prepayment is always optional - it is never a requirement for our services.

How to Prearrange with Amherst

Step 1:

Complete the following form:

Amherst Prearrangement Form

You can complete, sign and submit the form entirely online, without having to print, scan or email the forms. If you need to manually print, complete and submit this form via fax, please click here for instructions.

Important: When required, please input your valid email address. For security purposes, you will need to access this email account to confirm you want to submit ("to release") the completed form to us.

Step 2:

For a loved one at a retirement home, hospice or other care facilities:

For a loved one who is expected to die at home:

Otherwise, you're done: You have successfully completed the necessary step(s). We will start a file at our administrative office with the information you provided.

In the event we receive a notification of your loved one's passing, we will dispatch our transfer team (if required). We will contact you to schedule a meeting on the following day to go through the necessary paperwork (or you may complete everything online at your own convenience).

Step 3: Prepayment Option

If you wish to prepay for your prearrangement to give yourself a peace of mind (and to lock-in today's rate), please contact us to set an appointment. We will gladly come and visit with you to go over the required financial paperwork.

Alternatively, for prepaid simple cremation packages, you may also complete and sign one of the following service contracts:

Once we receive this signed contract from you, along with the completed Pre-Arrangement form (Step 1) and respective payment, we will process your submission and entrust your prepaid funds with Scotiabank Trust, which will take about 10 business days to complete. We will mail you a confirmation kit for your prepaid funeral/cremation arrangement, along with official certificate and receipt.

We accept payment by personal cheque, bank draft, interact e-transfer (to or major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). For credit card payment, please call our administration office (604.831.3023) and we'll be happy to process it over the phone. Otherwise, for the two simple cremation packages, use the following 'Pay Now' button if you are paying the cremation package as is (without any additional items or services added). No Paypal account is required. You will be able to use any major credit card instead:

Cremation Packages

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