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Dr. Yoon Myung Choong

Dr. Yoon Myung Choong

Witness Cremation (Private)

Friday, November 15, 2019
9:00 AM
Vancouver Memorial Services and Crematorium
5505 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC
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Memorial Service

Saturday, November 16, 2019
5:00 PM
Korean United Church
3821 Lister Street, Burnaby, BC
(Parking may be a challenge so consider carpooling or parking further away if you’re able to walk. Seating space inside may also be limited.)
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Eulogy for Dr. Yoon Myung Choong

By his son, Victor Yoon, as read at Dr. Yoon's Memorial Service.


Dr. Yoon Myung Choong

March 8, 1935 – November 5, 2019

In the early morning of Tuesday, November 5th, Dr. Yoon Myung Choong (Michael) passed quietly and peacefully surrounded by his loving family on the Palliative Care Unit of Vancouver General Hospital.
지난 11월 5일 (화요일) 새벽에 윤명중 (Michael) 박사께서 밴쿠버 제네럴 하스피털 말기환지 병동 에서 사랑하는 가족에 둘러싸여 평화롭게 돌아가셨습니다.

Born on March 8, 1935 in Kimje, South Korea, Dr. Yoon was the third oldest of 7 children of Kim Qwi-Sun and Yoon Soo-Byung.
윤명중 박사께서는 윤수병씨와 김귀선씨의 일곱 남매 중 세 번째로 1935년 3월 8일에 김제에서 출생하셨습니다.

As a young man and throughout his life, Dr. Yoon was a voracious reader and music enthusiast. He attended Namsung high school and obtained his medical degree at Severance Medical School, Yonsei University in South Korea.
윤 박사께서는 젊었을 때부터 평생 동안 책 읽기와 음악을 무척 좋아하셨습니다. 윤 박사께서는 남성고등학교를 다니셨고 한국의 세브란스 연세대학교 의과대학에서 의학 학위를 받으셨습니다.

On October 27th, 1959, he married Chin Chung Soon. In 1966, he came to Vancouver General Hospital as a medical intern. In January 1968, his wife and daughters rejoined him. In January 1969, their son was born.
1959년 10월 27일에 진정순씨와 결혼하신 윤 박사께서는 1966년에 밴쿠버에 제네럴 하스피털 인턴 오셨습니다. 1968 일월에 아내와 세 딸이 밴쿠버로 오게 되어 그리고 1969 일월에 아들이 태어났습니다.

Dr. Yoon was an active and influential member of the United Church of Canada, and in particular the Korean United Church of Vancouver. He served as a church elder and council member of the Vancouver-Burrard Presbytery, BC Conference and General Council. He also served as a board member at the Vancouver School of Theology. He was also an enthusiastic choir member for over 50 years.
윤 박사께서는 캐나다 연합교회와 특히 밴쿠버 한인 연합교회를 위하여 활발히 그리고 열심히 참여하셨습니다. 교회 장로로, 밴쿠버-버라드 교구의 평의원으로 그리고 BC 컨퍼런스와 General Council에서 섬기셨습니다. Vancouver 신학교 이사로 활약 하섰고. 윤 박사께서는 또한 50년 간 열렬한 성가대원이셨습니다.

Dr. Yoon had a successful medical career for over 40 years; first in Korea as an air force doctor, as well as a captain, then in Canada as a doctor in both Surrey and Vancouver. After retirement, he remained an active member of the community volunteering, visiting, consulting and translating at a number of seniors’ homes as well as hospitals.
윤 박사께서는 40년 넘게 의사로 활동하셨습니다. 한국에서 공군 대위로 제대후 원주 기독병원 에서 일 하셨으며. Canada에서 훌련 마치고Surrey와 Vancouver 에서 일 하시고. 은퇴 후에도 지역의 양로원과 병원을 방문하셔서 상담과 통역으로 자원봉사를 하셨습니다.

Dr. Yoon will be remembered for his loving kindness and genuine care and concern for people. While a deeply committed Christian he was by conviction unorthodox and nonconformist. He was an independent thinker who was receptive to the teachings of other faith traditions and had a deep connection to Korean Buddhist thought and Taosim. Above all he was an advocate for living an authentic life and strived in his own life to live by this principle. His “live, love, laugh” philosophy was shared and put into practice by the many lives he touched.
윤 박사께서는 이웃에 대한 따뜻한 사랑, 진실된 돌봄과 아낌으로 기억될 것입니다. 헌신적인 기독교인이면서도 신념은 정통이 아니며 규범에 매이지 않으셨습니다. 다른 종교적 전통을 수용하고(배척하지 않고) 한국의 불교사상과 도교와도 깊은 교감을 나누었던 자유로운 생각을 가지신 분이셨습니다. 무엇보다도 진정하고 참된 삶을 살아야 한다고 강하게 주장하셨으며 그렇게 스스로 살기를 애쓰셨습니다. 그래서 윤 박사님과 접한 많은 사람들이 “삶, 사랑, 웃음 (live, love, laugh)” 정신에 공감하며 실천하고 있습니다.

He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Yoon Chung-Soon (Jewell), and his children, Jin-me (Alina), spouse David, Jin-Sun (Bonnie) spouse John, Jin-Duk (Patty) spouse Stuart, and Suk-Hoon (Victor) spouse Le Linh. His seven grandchildren will fondly remember and dearly miss their “Halaboji” (grandfather) with whom they all shared a loving and close relationship: Hanum (24), Kaymi (24), Qwisun (24), Kihan (22), Kaysun (20), Yo-Hoon (Evann) (13) and Yo-Min (Frazer) (10). He is survived by his four sisters and four brothers-in-law in Korea, as well as numerous nieces, nephews, great-nephews, and great-nieces around the world. He was dearly loved and cherished by many.
유족으로는 60년을 아내로 살아오신 윤정순(Jewell)씨가 있고 네 자녀 부부: 진미(Alina), David 부부; 진선(Bonnie), John 부부; 진덕(Patty), Stuart 부부, 석훈(Victor), Le Linh 부부가 있습니다. 또 할아버지와 많은 사랑을 나누고 가까웠던 일곱 손주들이 할아버지를 그리워 할 것입니다. 한음 (24), 케이미 (24), 퀴선 (24), 기한 (22), 케이선 (20), 여훈 (Evann) (13) and 여민 (Frazer) (10). 그리고 한국에 사는 여자동생 부부 넷, 많은 조카와 조카 손주들이 윤 박사님을 마음속에 소중하게 간직할 것입니다.

Dr. Yoon was one of the first people diagnosed with a rare disease: IgG4. In lieu of flowers, please direct a donation "in honour of" Dr. Mollie Carruthers to go to her research on IgG4 (as our father's request):
윤 박사님은 희귀한 병인 IgG4로 진단 받은 몇 안 되는 사람중의 한 명입니다. 혹시 조의금을 보내시려면 Dr. Mollie Carruthers에게 IgG4의 연구를 돕기 위한 기부를 해 주시기를 아버지께서 원하셨습니다:

In Loving Memory

Dr Yoon Myung Choong at the beach

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