Graveside Burial (with Shroud)

Sample Burial Shrouds
Purelight Shroud
Purelight Simple Shroud
Varanasi Shroud
Varanasi Shroud
Versailles Shroud
Versailles Shroud


Cost Breakdown
Refrigeration and Shelter $ 50.00
Transfer from Hospital $150.00
Funeral Coach $450.00
Basic Overhead $275.00
Dressing & Personal Care $175.00
Professional Services & Staffing $350.00
BCPCA Administration Fee $ 25.00
1 (One) Death Certificate $ 27.00
1 (One) Certified copy of original Death Certificate Included
HST (12%) $177.00





Additional Considerations

Family may purchase or provide a suitable burial shroud. Some cemetaries may require an additional basic container to be used for internment.

Options for basic personal care for the deceased, additional refrigeration, and 2-hour viewing at location are available.  These will be presented and discussed by our Funeral Director at the time of arrangement. 

It is our priviledge to provide a viewing upon your family’s request. Our firm utilizes a state-of-the-art refrigeration unit so that either embalming or dry ice is not required for a viewing service.

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