Amherst's Basic Cremation Package

Essential Cremation Package

$806.05 + GST

Complete the steps outlined below when a death has occured. For pre-planning arrangement, please contact us. Please read What Do I Need to Know? before proceeding with the online forms.

Steps to complete:

Step 1: Notify us of the death

Submit an online death notification form or call us at 604.831.3023, our 24/7 support line).

IMPORTANT: When an immediate transfer of your loved one is required (e.g. death occured at a hospice, nursing home, or at home [with expected death protocol in place]), please CALL US so that we can immediately dispatch our transfer team. Do not use online notification form in this critical case.

Step 2: Complete the required forms

You can complete, sign and submit the forms entirely online, without having to print, scan or email the forms. If you need to manually print, complete and submit these forms via fax, please click here for instructions. For instructions on completing the forms, click here.

Important: When required (at the beginning of each form), please provide your valid email address. For security purposes, you will need to access this email account to validate and confirm submission of the completed forms. When successfully completed, each of this form will send you an email, asking you to confirm/verify that you wish to release the information to us.

  1. Control of Disposition
  2. Registration of Death
  3. Cremation Authorization Form
  4. Cremation Service Contract

Step 3: Submit Supporting Identifications

Provide 2 (two) forms of ID each for:

You may upload those documents here or alternatively, you can:

For tips on how to submit IDs without scanner or fax machine, click here.

Step 4: Submit payment

Use the following 'Pay Now' button if you are paying the cremation package as is ($845 only - without any additional items or services added). No Paypal account is required. You will be able to use any major credit card instead.

If you wish for additional items or services with this Essential Cremation Package, please use the following online checkout:

Online Checkout

Step 5:

You're done! Now, it's our turn to complete our steps. Find out what should happen next.

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