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  1. As agreed and stated in all of our contracts, payment is due in full at the time of the arrangement. We strive to bring you affordable prices and we can only continue to do so by keeping low administration costs.

  2. Amherst truly understands the amount of stress that families must experience when making funeral arrangements. However, we regret that we are not equipped to extend credit for our services nor do we feel we own the rights to judge anyone for creditworthiness.

  3. Amherst kindly accepts personal cheque, cashier’s cheque, bank draft and cash as payment. Any returned or dishonoured cheque is subject to an additional $40.00 administration and handling fee.

  4. Amherst also accepts credit card payments. However, a 3.0% credit card transaction fee will be added to the total costs of the contract, in order to maintain our competitive costs (since this defrays the additional costs charged by the credit card company). This fee is waived when customers promptly pay at the time of arrangement or at the time of delivery of our goods and services. We may not waive the fee for purchases greater than $1,155.

  5. All cash disbursements and costs of incidentals (as agreed above and beyond the written contracts) are due at the time of delivery of death certificates and other goods and services. Amherst reserves the right to withhold the release of death certificates (including at Vital Statistics registrars) where non-payment occurs.

  6. After 60 (sixty) days and/or after non-compliance to additional grace period given, all unpaid accounts are automatically forwarded to a debt-collecting service firm, which may seriously risk credit rating of said purchaser. Simultaneously, the delinquent account will automatically be forwarded to our legal team to pursue legal actions in the court of law of applicable province (with legal and court costs to be added to the total demand for payment). Additionally, this may result in prompt notification of Service Canada and Revenue Canada agencies of a possible fraud resulting from the purchaser's death benefit claim.



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